A biography of jimmy carter a national treasure

What was then called the Hot Springs Reservation would eventually become Hot Springs National Park, where visitors can enjoy natural springs and scenic beauty.

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His secret negotiations to return the Panama Canal to Panama led many people to believe he was a weak leader who had "given away" the canal without securing necessary provisions for defending U.

While the House held firm, the Senate forced a compromise, without ever putting the fate of the refuge to a vote.

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The answer lies partly in the very things that non-American audiences admire. But if there was a pattern for the post-presidential life, it surely involved the lecture circuit, the corporate boardroom, a dose of charity work and, most visibly, the golf course. Of course, Congress can undo a presidentially proclaimed monument.

He also signed orders to improve protection of Yellowstone.

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Had the former president seen, either in Syria's Bashar al-Assad or the Hamas leaders, what he had seen 30 years ago in Egypt's Anwar Sadat - a man ready to make peace with Israel?

It would have been done". He thought he fit the bill on both counts. However, politics in the rural South still largely reflected the reactionary racial outlook of the "Old South.

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Interview: Jimmy Carter on his post