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Families in Bordentown were required to pay for children's schooling. Clara Barton: Healing the Wounds. Barton did not work primarily as a nurse during the war. A week later, soldiers of the 6th Massachusetts Infantry were attacked by southern sympathizers, and the wounded flooded the streets of Washington, D. In addition to helping those affected by war, the American Red Cross stepped in to assist survivors of natural disasters. One surgeon, Dr. We were a middle class family and my parents were hard workers who cared for me very much. With President Lincoln's approval, she set up the Bureau of Records in Washington and traced perhaps twenty thousand men. After the war, she was the American Red Cross' first president and volunteered in Cuba during the Spanish-American war.

She continued to care for David long after doctors had given up. I grew up in a musical family, and learned early that songs can provide a connection to the past.

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In earlythe lack of activity, combined with an inability to secure a supply warehouse, got the better of her. Her understanding of the ways she could provide help to people in distress guided her throughout her life.

Successful projects such as this gave Barton the confidence needed when she demanded equal pay for teaching.

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She decided to serve the Federal troops by personally collecting and storing supplies that people had given freely in support of the troops. With President Lincoln's approval, she set up the Bureau of Records in Washington and traced perhaps twenty thousand men. A monument in her honor stands at Antietam National Battlefield. In August , Barton finally gained permission from Quartermaster Daniel Rucker to work on the front lines. In , Barton established the National First Aid Association of America which made first aid kits and worked closely with local fire and police departments to create ambulance brigades. Franco-Prussian War Barton suffered from periods of poor health. She became increasingly skilled at obtaining and passing out supplies. There, she became aware of the Geneva, Switzerland-based Red Cross, which called for international agreements to protect the sick and wounded during wartime and for the formation of national societies to give aid voluntarily on a neutral basis. She was given permission, and "The Search for the Missing Men" commenced. It was not until after she had injured herself that Barton's mother began to question her playing with the boys. Once the Spanish—American War was over the great people of Santiago built a statue in honor of Barton in the town square, which still stands there today. Barton risked her life to bring supplies and support to soldiers in the field during the Civil War. In she brought supplies to flood victims along the Ohio River.

The American Red Cross was devoted to helping people in need during peacetime as well as wartime. The first local society was founded August 22, in Dansville, Livingston County, New Yorkwhere she maintained a country home.

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Jeffrey a young boy from applies mouth-to-mouth resuscitation a technique unknown in Barton's time and saves her life, thus enabling her to go on to found the American Red Cross. Her 19th century office still exists today as the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office in Frederick, Maryland, and an unusual project is bringing new life to the establishment. Barton risked her life to bring supplies and support to soldiers in the field during the Civil War. Clara Barton answered the call to duty in a time when women weren 't necessarily valued not only socially but as assets of contribution. I wonder if a soldier ever does mend a bullet hole in his coat? In this town I was born; in this church I was reared. Retirement and death In Congress reincorporated the Red Cross and demanded a review of its funds.

While she was not an active member of her parents' church, Barton wrote about how well known her family was in her hometown and how many relationships her father formed with others in their town through their church and religion. Her father was Captain Stephen Barton, a member of the local militia and a selectman who inspired his daughter with patriotism and a broad humanitarian interest.

In she went to Geneva, Switzerland, hoping to improve her condition through rest and change. But you might not realize that inshe started her own school in New Jersey, and worked as a clerk in the Patent Office until, according to CivilWar.

In return her brother taught her skills that young women did not usually learn, such as carpentry.

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