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Spectrum, International Journal of Religious Education, Olivia Pearl Stokes Portrait Collection In these articles, she describes and compares the life experiences and contributions of three African American women and three African women.

In her dissertation and subsequent writings on leadership training and development, Olivia emphasized a holistic approach to religious education that would challenge religious educators to consider the relationships between methodology, theology, and real life concerns. Baltaxe, Michael F. This plan was designed to examine and establish congregations, throughout new immigrant populations, in an effort to revitalize the churches within the New York metropolitan area Pitaro, Olivia believed in engaging students in a variety of experiences encouraging them to embrace a broader vision for the world community.

Hers was an ecumenical ministry that sought to bridge the divide between people of different faiths, colors, classes, and gender orientations.

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Lundy, E. Boston: G. Samuel Hamilton, a religious educator at New York University, was instrumental in helping Olivia shape her philosophy of education. She implemented a variety of teaching methods and techniques including discussion, experience, travel, and contextualized approaches to education. The purpose of the series was to affirm and celebrate black women, to provide an accurate portrayal of African and African American cultures, and to eradicate misleading stereotypes of black women. As the first African American woman to earn a doctorate in Religious Education Columbia Teachers College , she challenged traditional expectations in the church and the academy. Harrison Elliot, Dr. Olivia served as the Executive Director from to Moore, ; Stokes, n. Biola's faculty handbook provides the following definition of "plagiarism": "Basically, plagiarism is claiming someone else's ideas, words, or information as your own without acknowledgement or citation.
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