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It is well established that there is a discrepancy between re-offending and reconviction rates: the latter underestimating the number of offences committed Grubin, The next few sentences need to explain what this evidence contributes to the argument you are making.

The most characteristic features of critical writing are: a clear and confident refusal to accept the conclusions of other writers without evaluating the arguments and evidence that they provide; a balanced presentation of reasons why the conclusions of other writers may be accepted or may need to be treated with caution; a clear presentation of your own evidence and argument, leading to your conclusion; and a recognition of the limitations in your own evidence, argument, and conclusion.

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A paragraph break can provide a brief pause for your readers within a longer argument; giving them the opportunity to make sure they are keeping up with your reasoning. Your literature searching skills and use of referencing should be well established now and you should be skilled in using literature to support your academic writing. Wellington et al. A useful way to check this balance in your own writing is to use two coloured pens and to mark in the margin whether the lines are descriptive or critical. You can see how the author is considering the available evidence, but also the limitations on that evidence, and will be taking all of this into account in drawing conclusions. The logic of your explanation contributes to the critical component of your writing. Therefore, developing good level 6 skills will provide a good foundation for studying at Masters and Doctorate level later. What is descriptive writing? A much higher level of skill is clearly needed for critical writing than for descriptive writing, and this is reflected in the higher marks it is given. You can use paragraphs to make a clear and visual separation between descriptive writing and critical analysis, by switching to a new paragraph when you move from description to critical writing, and vice versa.

The kinds of questions that might be useful to ask at that stage are: What is the balance between descriptive and critical writing? Good luck in all your modules at Level 6. Study guide For a printer-friendly PDF version of this guide, click here It is common for feedback on student writing to focus on the need to engage more critically with the source material.

Gaining a degree, therefore, represents the achievement of fundamental academic writing skills that enable you to present a coherent academic argument.

Jones argues that the key characteristic of transformational leadership is empowering others to achieve. Descriptive writing is relatively simple.

how to write critically at masters level

In Level 6 though this changes.

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What is critical writing