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I urge others to get stuck in, too. Semicolons place two independent clauses consecutively after one another due to their being linked, whilst the dash clashes the two units into one another in a seemingly arbitrary, and moreover unexpected, manner.

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This understanding of a text is based on causality. Entire boulevards were dedicated to churches, side by side, one after another, allowing you to drop the family car in low and actually cruise places of worship.

Firstly, because its author is grossly under-appreciated and secondly, because reading him will give one fresh insights into recent short story greats such as George Saunders and David Foster Wallace.

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This subsists even in his angriest stories, such as The Rise of Capitalism At the University of Houston, Barthelme became known as a sensitive, creative, and encouraging mentor to young creative writing students even as he continued his own writings.

Two seconds of quiet, neutral darkness.

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Donald Barthelme