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Many times a year, they may write letters to NASA asking for money to pay their salary, along with money for grants and research. We all know how night sky looks like, but what is beyond it nobody exactly knows. The following will discuss nearly every aspect of the planet from its history, to the general composition of the planet, and everything in between. Astronomy may be the oldest recorded science. These are all very tangible examples of the effect astronomy has had on our everyday lives, but astronomy also plays an important role in our culture. Space telescopes gave access, for the first time in history, to the entire electromagnetic spectrum including rays that had been blocked by the atmosphere. Yes, there's the lack of air to consider. There are many books and magazines about astronomy for non-astronomers. Counting phases of the moon or observing the annual variations of day length could, after many years' collection of observations, serve as vital indicators for planting and harvesting times, safe or stormy season for sailing, or time to bring the flocks from winter to summer pastures A low-energy X-ray scanner developed by NASA is currently used for outpatient surgery, sports injuries, and in third-world clinics. Only a few people thought it was right. Astronomy consist of a lot of things that make up our solar system such as: the nine planets, asteroids, meteorites, the moon and the sun. Traveling through the forest or venturing out at sea would have been impossible if people had not realized that the stars stay relatively constant in position above them. Some other examples of technology transfer between astronomy and industry are listed below National Research Council, : The company General Motors uses the astronomy programming language Interactive Data Language IDL to analyse data from car crashes.

There was not a transitional period of a species evolving into a new creature I will argue that Ptolemy was the most integral part of the history of Greek astronomy Medicine struggles with similar issues: to see things that are obscured within the human body.

More than 32, thousand years ago there was no clocks but people know how to measure time. During the renaissance a priest named Nicolaus Copernicus thought, from looking at the way the planets moved, that the Earth was not the center of everything.

More specifically, when ancient human realized to observe stars by naked eyes, they all thought the stars and sky are holy; during the ancient time, surviving is…. From all this observation spawned mathematics because people desired to quantify what they saw in the sky.

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They have created collectors up to 16 metres in diameter, which is only possible with the use of a graphite composite material developed for an orbiting telescope array. The fruits of scientific and technological development in astronomy, especially in areas such as optics and electronics, have become essential to our day-to-day life, with applications such as personal computers, communication satellites, mobile phones, Global Positioning Systemssolar panels and Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI scanners.

Perhaps the most commonly used astronomy-derived invention is the wireless local area network WLAN. When Copernicus claimed that Earth was not the centre of the Universe, it triggered a revolution.

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While at night there is a natural satellite that is changeable and allows the earth to cool Almost all elements heavier than hydrogen and helium were created inside the cores of stars. Astronomy led to the creation of statistics, hydrostatics, optics, astronomy, engineering, geometry, and arithmetic.

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