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How does Firoozeh feel about her mother attending class with her? Family also provides the Iranian immigrants in the memoir with an important, ongoing connection to their country of origin.

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Chapter Eighteen 1. What is Kazems relationship like with his siblings? What role does it play in the American culture? These attempts paint Nematollah in a humorous light and shows that he doesnt notice what others think of him. Kazem clearly considers providing his relatives with shelter to be one of his duties as a member of the family. Shushtari 3. Shushtar is an ancient city in Southern Iran that was heavily affected by Roman culture. The Iranian hostage crisis 2. How does Firoozeh feel about her mother attending class with her? The children and teacher did not know where Iran was. Were you surprised by the events? Her father told her they needed to live six months in a nondemocratic country and then they would vote.

The children and teacher did not know where Iran was. Afterword 1.

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He is truly a rebel and marches to the beat of his own drum. Do you agree? She had humorous vignettes about her family in various cultural situations. Family members also act as important role models for Firoozeh—for example, her Aunt Parvine inspires her to overcome traditional roles and pursue an education and a career for herself. What is the American dream? He is impatient with her. What is Kazems reaction when he reun ites with his daughter? Who is the Toucan? What is the official name for a Persian wedding ceremony? Her poignant descriptions of what it feels like to be a stranger in a strange land will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced social alienation at any stage of life. Chapter Six 1. Ask your students to analyze how effective Funny in Farsi is at using humor to bridge the cultural divide between author and reader. What is the message that Kazem gives Firoozeh about religion?

They get along exceptionally well His dream is to become rich; he thinks hell win lots of money on Bowling for Dollars He bombed and only made 7 dollars He is still a positive person, but the family doesnt watch the show anymore Chapter Four 1. She helps an elderly lady get out of the building after the earthquake.

Chapter 20 1. Chapter Twelve 1.

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How were Francoise and Firoozeh both outsiders as children? What are two things that were provided free of charge for Firoozehs family that most American families have to pay for? They eat a meal on just free samples from the local Price Club. How did she earn her nickname? What are two misconceptions that Americans have about Iran? She refuses to shower because she doesnt want to be nude in front of anyone else Chapter Nine 1. For the most part, however, Firoozeh conveys her frustration in an affectionate, humorous way, giving the impression that family, even if it can be a little annoying at times, is for the most part a great source of joy and success in her life. The owner of the company was a con man and K azems paychecks bounced. What is the American dream?

It doesnt live up to her expectations; most Parisians leave the city in the summer, her teachers arent passionate about their jobs, her host family abandons her, Bastille Day was a let-down. The ability to get something free as a consumer right is one of the things Kazeem loves best about America.

In other immigrant families? Firoozeh said she thought the beauty pageant should be replaced with a spelling bee.

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How did this chapter make you feel? She loves watching game shows 3. Do you think that anyone who wants an education in America can obtain one? How were Francoise and Firoozeh both outsiders as children? The daughter is clingy and wont leave her alone. Related documents. If you could meet anyone, whom would you pick? The librarian had learned to accept herself as she was. Why does Firoozehs family move to the States? A They werent the ones to take the Americans hostage B Iranians are, according to Dumas, ideal immigrants because of their education and work ethic 4. Discuss the pros and cons. She didnt have any respect for the surgeon and backed out of the surgery. People traditionally find a spouse through an arranged marriage He has chosen his own wife three times Food is prepared all by scratch; convenience foods arent common in Iran He tries the Body Shaper, a weight loss outfit, a girdle, weight loss pills, and powders. She wants to try summer camp. The book is well written in a most humorous style.
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