Experimental and quasi experimental design essay

One can observe and explore one subject, or one can compare one subject with another Hopkins, After the identification of the independent and dependent variables, the next step is to randomly select a sample for the experiment.

quasi experimental quantitative research

Corder, G. In the true experiment, you might set the participants, the pregnant women, to smoke which is absolutely unethical and illegal. Lastly, once the experiment is conducted, a secure atmosphere is generated wherein the effect of other factors are minimized Mertens, Furthermore, it is vital to determine any potential ethical concerns contained within an experiment and address those concerns in order to reduce their potential impact on the results.

The nonequivalent groups design implies getting the control group that is similar to the control group that obtains the quasi-independent variable.

advantages of quasi experimental design

That is why the quasi-experiments are considered non-scientific and irrelevant in most sciences. In the quasi-experiment, you just need to ask pregnant women if they smoke, how much and how often and assign them to different groups.

quasi experimental vs experimental
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Experimental and Quasi