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You may use a separate sheet of paper. So you could find Muslims and Buddhists and Christians and people of any other religion you can think of prospering throughout the Mongol empire.

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A noisemaker and champagne poppers? Trade They would trade with the near by settlers. If you want to suggest future phrases of the week or guess at this week's, you can do so in comments, where you can also ask questions about today's video that can be answered by our team of historians.

Stupid truth, always resisting simplicity. All right stan, one last time- cue the mongol-tage. Gender and social status Women and men were seen as equals They needed …show more content… First, five arguments for awesome.

Renowned for their religious tolerance, the Mongols, in this view, created the first great free trade zone, like a crazy medieval Eurasian NAFTA. Crash Course Kids was filmed in a studio in Toronto, Ontario. Stan, why are you always making history boring?

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The mongols were probably responsible for the black death.

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