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This definition can be traced to the printing process; in typesetting terminology, slug refers to a metal bar used as a line divider or as a full line of type as with a Linotype machine. A page of 20 images, text boxes, logos and menus will count as 20 hits, so hits are therefore not regarded as a reliable measurement of web traffic.

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Neighborhood newsstands and family-owned shops were closing as supermarket chains opened up. The Linotype operator used hot metal, melted lead, to create slugs of type by manipulating a keyboard.

Though readership surveys for generations have indicated that readers despise jumps and generally do not follow them, it does not suit newspapers to do otherwise. Mashup — A combination of data from multiple sources, usually through the use of APIs.

But in journalism, a squib is a short news story, often used as a filler. Media Kit - Practical information available to potential advertisers regarding costs etc. It seems the term dead donkey comes from the title of the show. Which is much to be valued. Hopefully the related words and synonyms for "term" are a little tamer than average.

Leading questions - A question that contains the predicted answer within the question.

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