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Arbitrary policies—Policies that are followed blindly without room for situational allowances may result in angry customers. Compare your skills and expertise with others who are successful in similar businesses.

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The primary purpose of the business plan is to guide the owner or manager in successfully operating the business. What makes you different? If you want the bank to take an interest in your business, then you have to take an interest in theirs. I want to see reasonable expectations. Who else is an owner? The key to any successful business is to be a growing company in a growth market. Do you need any advanced equipment? Few companies can remain viable forever as sole entrepreneur operations. What criteria will be used to choose locations for geographic expansion?

The idea can be anything. I pay particular attention as to whether there is valuable intellectual property, be it patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets, that will serve as barriers to entry for competitors.

business plan questions pdf

Improvements or changes in the business strategy — directed internally. Time is spent trying to fix problems rather than preventing them from occurring in the first place.

How much capital is required to execute your business plan?

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A good quality paper stock is also important and comes in many colors and shades if you choose to use black ink. Is it growing, stable or decreasing? How will you get this product into mass market distribution channels? What Are Your Staffing Plans? How much is the company is worth? A good location can make the difference between a profitable and a bankrupt business. How did you estimate returns and allowances? Typically, businesses compete on the basis of price, quality, service, and features. Use the questions below as a checklist for potential locations and then compare several sites.

How often should I update my Business plan Companies are advised to up-date their business plans once a year as part of their annual or perennial budget deliberations.

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50 Questions Your Business Plan Should Answer