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How do I cancel an appointment? To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left and using your SDSU email address. Can I make an appointment to see someone right now? Can I leave a paper and come back later for comments? I am a senior Marketing student with a minor in Chinese. Julia I am a first-year graduate student studying speech-language pathology. First time users should use the Click here to register link on this page. The Writing Center staff is comprised of English instructors and graduate students who have all taught English and other writing courses and, beginning in Spring , undergraduate students who have been trained to tutor in the Writing Center. Joe B. Ensure the browser allows pop-ups! I love working on a variety of essays, and I have lots of experience with research papers, critical analysis, comparative essays, creative writing, and personal or reflective papers. I came into college intending to work my way up the corporate ladder post-graduation, but had a change of heart and am now following my passion for teaching. Outside of my studies, I enjoy hiking and photography. Making an advance appointment is advised but not required.

I hope to see you soon! My writing strengths include research papers and theses, journalistic writing and AP style, scholarship essays, and RWS assignments.

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Check the About Us page for our available hours. Finally, fill in if you need any special accommodations. Joje I am a third-year majoring in Criminal Justice and English.

Click Connect in pop-up window. Outside of my studies, I enjoy hiking and photography.

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I love working with other students in a collaborative learning environment and I look forward to working in the Writing Center this semester!

I like to suggest speaking aloud as a technique for prewriting and drafting for students who struggle to start writing.

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I am happy to work with students at any stage of the writing process, whether they are just starting an assignment or looking for feedback on the assignment as a whole. Since you have already registered, simply enter your email address and password into the boxes accordingly.

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