Shark attack of 1916

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Although shark attacks are rare and it is extremely unlikely for sharks to prey on humans, beachgoers are still constantly on the lookout.

Every year in the USA however there are several shark attacks and a lot of time it is the Bull Shark doing the attacking. But I know that every time I hear that music from Jaws I think of that Great White and how terrifying it would be to be in the water being hunted by a Great White.

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Some, including millionaire athlete Hermann Oelrichs, was so convinced that sharks were harmless to humans he twice dove into shark-infested waters to prove his point to a horrified and jaw-clenched cloud. The attacks occurred during a really bad heat wave that struck the northeastern USA in July of What happened next horrified everyone.

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It was demonstrated in the Matawan Creek attacks, for example, that the full moon of the lunar cycle, which would have coincided with the attacks, would have raised the salinity in the water by more than double just a few hours before high tide.

They believed sharks to be little more than large, unintelligent fish with big teeth.

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The shark attacks: Remembering a grisly moment in N.J. history