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For many reporters, this is the best feature, obviating the painful task of transcribing long interviews. If you wanted to be an executive secretary, you needed a certificate from Gregg saying you qualified at words per minute. Gregg is no different.

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The pronoun I is expressed by a large circle written counterclockwise ; he, by a small circle. If you need further help please use the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of the page.

Move characters up or down on the line so they are not all aligned the same. Learn business abbreviations.

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Vowels are smaller than the consonants. Even though, for short stretches, I can write words per minute, the average American now speaks at more than words a minute, so something is inevitably lost in the translation. After the image has finished printing, you can return to this page by clicking the browser's BACK button.

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How to Learn Shorthand Online for Free