The impossible victory vietnam summary

Lyndon Johnson had escalated a brutal war and failed to win it. These bunkers are to protect the families. North Vietnam was communist, while the south was democratic.

The huts here are thatched palm leaves. The war in Vietnam began due to the United States wanting to spread and promote democracy while North Vietnam wanted to spread communism. American viewpoints were changing, american soldiers were dying, and innocent people were dying in the crossfire.

The roll of the funeral drum set the beat for young men and women marching "in fear, in despair and in frustration. We say: killing is disorder, life and gentleness and community and unselfishness is the only order we recognize.

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In early , when the bombing of North Vietnam began, a hundred people gathered on the Boston Common to voice their indignation. America became involved in order to fight a group of Vietnamese nationalists who were in support of communism. Thus the impossible victory of the American people not granting their approval to the troops for fighting in the war, nor was democracy achieved in Vietnam. In the spring of , Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger launched an invasion of Cambodia, after a long bombardment that the government never disclosed to the public. Kroll's story was a common one. Back on September 26, , President Richard Nixon, noting the growing antiwar activity all over the country, announced that "under no circumstance will I be affected whatever by it. These people were ordered into a ditch, where they were methodically shot to death by American soldiers. Two million Vietnamese died of starvation during winter of and spring because of starvation policy of French who seized and stored until it controlled all available rice. America had sent troops to Vietnam to resist communism to spread, but America knew they couldn't win the war but still fought. In the Pacific Ocean, two young American seamen hijacked an American munitions ship to divert its load of bombs from airbases in Thailand. But the bombing continued. That was the last conversation any American had with Diem. They were running out of soldier and could no longer make excuses on why we were in the war. Johnson asked a small group of "action officers" in the Pentagon to advise him on this. When his appeals had been exhausted, and he was supposed to go to prison, Daniel Berrigan disappeared.

Bruce Andrews, a Harvard student of public opinion, found that the people most opposed to the war were people over fifty, blacks, and women. One woman commented on the equality and opportunity it gave her such as education and a career.

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The Pentagon Papers said of this period: "Only the Viet Cong had any real support and influence on a broad base in the countryside. In the fall of Japan, defeated, was forced to leave Indochina, the former French colony it had occupied at the start of the war. Young men began to refuse to register for the draft, refused to be inducted if called.

After the Communist victory in China in and the Korean war the following year, the United States began giving large amounts of military aid to the French.

Vietnam war summary

Earlier in , Kennedy's Undersecretary of State, U. Deserters doubled from 47, in to 89, in Zinn describes all of the inhumane actions that the village people of Vietnam suffered from, such as the 7 million of tons of bombs dropped, the poisonous gases used to destroy vegetation, and the random abundances of mass murders amongst the villages. Alexis Johnson, was speaking before the Economic Club of Detroit: What is the attraction that Southeast Asia has exerted for centuries on the great powers flanking it on all sides? I suppose the political turning point in my life came while I was in Uganda. In , at the age of seventeen, he enlisted in the marines. The massacre at My Lai by a company of ordinary soldiers was a small event compared with the plans of high-level military and civilian leaders to visit massive destruction on the civilian population of Vietnam, Assistant Secretary of Defense John McNaughton in early , seeing that large-scale bombing of North Vietnam villages was not producing the desired result, suggested a different strategy.
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