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The strength of The Peacemaker is that it avoids the all-too-common trend of presenting humanistic principles of psychology dressed up in religious garb for Christian readers.

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It happens often that personalities and sin so conspire as to make it impossible to restore fully a trust that has been broken, whether legitimately or not. Sande writes on p. Corlette and I presently attend Cornerstone Community Church. Every Christian would benefit from reading this book. Why would Jesus give such a high dignity to unity, of all things? Why is it so important, and in what context is it important? This book came highly recommended to me years ago and I finally got around to reading it. Corlette and I are blessed with two marvelous children, three captivating grandchildren, and one of the smartest dogs in the world.

Peacemaker Ministries is fervently working to train and equip all Christians 2. I look forward to sharing with you what God is teaching me about this exciting new discipline of relational wisdom.

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Vegans can be fiesty people, I've noticed. If you have read Polity CCR:you will appreciate this book as a modern supplement that builds practically on the theological foundations hammered out by those earlier authors.

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In most cases, however, running away only postpones a proper solution to a problem. But God had other ideas.

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And maybe some people do need this so I went ahead and gave the book 4 stars instead of the 3 that I originally leaned toward.

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