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The novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee uses characterization to show the importance of morality, empathy, and courage. This section contains words approx. Dubose demonstrates an astounding amount of courage in achieving independence from her morphine addiction.

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It was like what Mr. Courage exists in several forms as cleverly depicted in the novel, such as childish courage, moral courage. Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird, displays her opinion about social inequality through a variety of different characters who exhibit courage through everyday life. Dubose, Miss Maudie has her own inner strength. To her, all people are equal, so therefore, should be treated equal. This is displayed inseveral ways. She knew she was dying, but what kind of person would she be if she gave up and died addicted to something she was not proud of? Rather, it was a multiple stage process over an extended period of time. That is what makes Atticus be courageous, that is why he strives to do what he does. The story is in the point of view of the main character, Scout Finch. Some symbols even represent more than one thing. Tomreceived a guilty verdict even though he was innocent. One likes to think of a hero, as strong, brave, fearless, meeting all challenges head on.

He now needed mental velour, and he did find it more difficult to source this than the physical bravery he was used to displaying.

Harper Lee manifested courage when she was in collage.

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Although she had the easy choice of continuing her daily intake of morphine, despite her old age and the awful withdrawal symptoms, she had real courage to start and go through with the process and, at the Related Documents Essay Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee own lessons.

The Finch family takes constant ridicule, and he has to stay calm for his kids.

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In other words, one must read in between the lines to discover the subtler meaning of novels. We trust him to do right. Furthermore, Harper Lee showed her own bravery by writing the novel.

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Courage in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird Essay