Ucas personal statement psychology and criminology

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Being a devoted Samaritans volunteer, I have become heavily involved in the organisation through both fundraising and awareness, along with widening my perspective of psychology. I structured it by introducing myself first and then talking about my passion for psychology. Furthermore thanks to my upbringing, I speak four languages which I believe is advantageous as I can communicate and associate with those of many different races.

By doing this, it gave me leadership skills to take control to lead the sessions and commitment to volunteer every week. I am really looking forward to broadening my knowledge of the Criminal Justice System within England; with a particular focus on how it upholds the rule of law, how it deters criminal behaviour and how it punishes those who violate those laws.

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The diverse nature of the course has led me to comprehend complexities in society, such as crime. Typically, successful students research more than 12 examples! For many, the truth is simply common sense, whic

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Psychology with Criminology Personal Statement