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He is presumed to be so until he is judged. The revolutionaries were deeply divided over the national In MayRobespierre insisted that the National Convention proclaim a new official religion for France - the cult of the Supreme Being. This is before his true gain of power and illustrates just the amount of change occurrs.

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The speech was given after revolutionary tribunal in Paris executed men and 31 women. Victims were mostly the aristocracy, bourgeoisie and members of the clergy but also included members of other classes. Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness.


On 28 November he was back in the Jacobin club, where he met with a triumphant reception. The Terror was merely the means to it, forced on the revolutionary regime by enemies who prevented the realization of the constitutional regime.

In less than a year,suspected enemies of the Revolution were arrested; at least 10, died in prison, and 17, were officially executed, many by guillotine in the Place de la Revolution. The sources go into high details of his life including before and after his political career.

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Brinton goes into detail about the clubs statistics memberships the government regulation of the Jacobins before they obtained power and relations after, the clubs political platform, its rituals, and finally its failure. Robespierre had actually persuaded the Jacobins not to support the "abdication" petition. Thompson in his biography of Robespierre. And if they do not question it and commit atrocities, then they are justly held responsible not for what they believe but for what they have done. France should embark on a republic. It has been loosely assumed. When he was six, Robespierre's mother died during the birth of her fifth child. In the period after the king's execution, tensions in the convention resulted in a power struggle between the Jacobins and the more moderate Girondins.
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Robespierre’s Transformation and the French Revolution