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The distinctive Colgate Outdoor Education Program allows students of all years and skill levels to get out of the classroom and explore the great outdoors in various capacities. I refuse to fit into any mold or stereotype. This is a question that we personally love because, well, we love to read.

Hint: your community can be as small as your family or neighborhood and as large as the entire world or even universe! I would say that this risk is not mitigated by the fact that Colgate asks you to invent a trip. It has become part of who I am.

What are three words that your best friend would use to describe you and why? I became passionate about Colgate in an unusual way: through the picture-postcards I received.

These walls force me to take advantage of the education I am offered and do nothing but excel. You might be tempted to write words that belong on your LinkedIn profile, words like hard working, disciplined, determined, organized, dedicated, or overachiever.

The Penn website is a good place to start. Although I loved discussing profound psychological problems, or solving those enigmas called equations, the thought was tiring.

I am not one-dimensional. Be sure to review our own personal list of books to never mention in a college essay before you rush to re-purpose an excerpt from your recent essay on symbolism in The Great Gatsby. Will a restaurant trust a teenager?

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I am me and I am unshakable; Colgate supplement