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And I believe this awareness made me a better writer.

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One easy thing to do is to just include women in your stories. Shares I wish I could remember the moment I first learned about the Bechdel test.

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For me, this really boils down to one question: will it help? Would a woman bring something different to an interaction? She talks about things she enjoys, how she wants to be perceived, the goals she has for herself, and some of her fears. Alison Bechdel is a cartoonist who rose to prominence with Dykes to Watch Out For , a popular comic strip. Coaching will empower you. In her story, she very realistically tries to connect with a popular girl in her class. And yes, I know the topic of manic pixie dream girls could be a post all its own.

But instead, the interaction highlights their humanity and two very different personalities. We could have met Tiffany as an airhead dancer who then is promptly killed in a death-ray bloodbath.

Again, not kidding. Eating an unhealthy treat does not help any of my long term goals.

Bridge of spies scene

Excuses can be made on this side of the spectrum too, for movies like Avengers with large casts and lots of action. The process of positive growth and sustained success in specific areas of your life. Why does she have those feelings? To pass the test, a film or TV episode has to satisfy three points. The movie is widely considered to be a feminist work. Ask yourself this about all of your choices and you might be surprised at what comes out the other end. This should be ridiculously easy, right? So what is coaching? Oprah Winfrey has a coach. Yes, your stories should still be focused, and yes, dialogue should be tight and relevant to the themes and plots of your scripts.

Chances are, your goal was not your own. Also fromthe masterpiece Twister gets a passing grade.

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