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The ultimate objectives of their business strategy are to increase volume, expand their share of worldwide nonalcoholic ready to drink beverages sales, maximize long-term cash flows, and create economic value added by improving economic profit. Those data and information were collected from various sources. Finally, we would like to thank our entire group who gave their time, and effort to make the project paper finish successfully. Friends or other people with whom you identify. Changes in consumer tastes. Perhaps price was your number-one criterion, or maybe distance from home. At other times like today , the news makes them nervous—our economy is weak, industrial production is down, jobless claims are rising, consumer confidence has plummeted, credit is hard to get. Analyzing the future constraints is an advantage for the companies since they can identify the possible factors that tend to leave an impact on their business. Coca-Cola had earlier focused more on the American way of life in their advertising campaigns, which the Bangladeshi consumers could not identify with.

In other words, they try to improve their understanding of consumer behavior Decision process that individuals go through when purchasing or using products.

According to the data of the Coca Cola Company, all of the facilities are strictly monitored according to the environmental laws imposed by the government. However, Coca Cola continuously monitoring the policies and regulations set by the government.

Perhaps price was your number-one criterion, or maybe distance from home. The Competitive Environment Imagine playing tennis without watching what your opponent was doing. Ban on purchasing CFC emitting refrigerating equipment V.

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Due to many programs to fight obesity, demand for healthy food and beverages has increased drastically. Talent coordinators posted red flags next to the names of Janet Jackson of the now-famous malfunctioning costume and other performers. Brand failures or many brands with insignificant amount of revenues.

Some purchases are made without much thought.

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They will be the best marketers in the world.

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